Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, Construction and Maintenance Services in Perth

All-west Renovations dedicates its service for high quality outcomes to all out customers. Some of our services are listed below.

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations in Perth

For whole bathroom in Perth or kitchen renovations in Perth we strip everything out back to a blank canvas. Our in-house interior designer will work with you deciding colors and the look of the kitchen or bathroom, including a 3D rendering of the design and fit out. Drawing plans. Building fitting, obtaining tiles and flooring and aim to deliver on time and budget.

Completing excellent kitchen renovations in Perth and bathroom renovations in Perth are what we are best known for recently, and the results speak for themselves. Just look at our testimonials, and our photo gallery. With a wide variety of tradesmen we can meet any type of customization and our quality is without equal.

We make it easy for our customers as we are a one stop shop for all your needs so you don’t have to deal with tradesmen from separate companies and will only have to deal with one person from start to finish. That can make the heavy lifting of a bathroom renovations a breeze, and the tricky detail of a kitchen renovation a masterpiece.

Because we are a highly capable building business we have the capacity, skills and experience to quickly and easily complete your kitchen or bathroom renovations in Perth at the best possible price, at blinding speed, and with excellent results.

A customer recently hired us just to do their bathroom renovations in Perth and were so happy with the end result that the decided to update the kitchen and laundry as well.

Bathroom Renovations

Residential and commercial maintenance

Fencing, roofing, high pressure cleaning of paving, repainting, cleaning up and landscaping, cleaning guttering, water damage.

Bathroom Repairs

Structural wall removal and alterations

Drawing up plans and submitting to council, lintels, plastering gyp rocking, build walls, divide rooms, bi fold doors.




Driveways, house floors, retaining walls, slabs for sheds, planter boxes, pools.



Interior and exterior plastering, water features, wet and dry wall.



Bathroom kitchen laundry toilet tiling either small jobs, repairs through to whole renovations

Tile installation


Full house build through to small jobs, dividing walls, brick walls for water features or planter boxes.



Ceiling fixing for a new build, or replacing because of water damage or age. Drip ceilings or grid ceilings for commercial work.



From adding a light socket to a full house require, smoke alarms and house alarms.

Our Team


Everything from fixing a tap, to a re-plumb in an old house, to plumbing for a new house.



Internal, external ceilings, any large or small painting jobs

Interior Painting


New house earthworks, for retaining walls, soak wells or landscaping.


Landscaping & Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, steps, paving, selection of plants, trees turf, landscape design.


Timber,carpet and vinyl floor laying

Solid timber, laminated timber, vinyl, commercial and residentail, plaks or sheets, carpet laying.


Structural Engineering

Structural engineering for building new room or addition, roof inspection, written reports for council,  brand new house construction, house engineer sign off and council approval.

Renovation Plan

Carpentry services

Roofing , door frames, stud walls, small and large carpentry jobs.


Project management

Looking after the whole job in every way, so the customer only has to talk to one person. Start to finish to make your project fast and problem free.

Project planning